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Mohammed Haque

Mohammed Haque
My name is Mohammed Haque, running for the position of tax collector for Hatfield Borough. I am an immigrant and came to the US from Bangladesh in 1995 living in the Hatfield area since 1996. I am very appreciative to be able to live in America, which has given me the opportunity to make my dreams come true. I work for a company involved heavily in materials science called Greene Tweed. I have been a member of the Hatfield Democratic Committee since 2008, involved in helping out at polls and elections, campaigns, spreading awareness to the rest of the community, and assisting in door-to-door visitations. For the past 8 years I have also gained accounting experience at the North Penn Mosque by serving as a secretary and active volunteer. In the last decade, I started giving back to my community by collecting funds through the Mosque for the needy, visiting the sick in hospitals, helping with food drives, blood drives, and cleaning up our sidewalks and roads. I have also assisted in coordinating and arranging community day events, cross cultural/multiracial events, and interfaith dialogues. I’d like to continue to be of service for the rest of the community regardless of skin or faith. I understand that taxes can be difficult, and for my campaign and time in office I will assist the community however I can through arranging drives to help those in need and bringing greater transparency with tax collections.

I have been married to my wife Surovy Haque for 25 years and we have three children, two boys and one daughter. My oldest son, Wassaif Haque, is in dental school at NYU. My younger son is an undergraduate student at Susquehanna University studying biomedical sciences. Finally, my daughter is in 8th grade at Pennfield Middle school.

Prior to moving to the US I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in 1995 in Bangladesh. Since arriving here I have studied computer networking and in 2000 I became a Microsoft Certified Professional. I have also studied and completed an IT course, along with an H&R Block tax course in 2009 and I continue to put these skills to use, as I help many friends and family file taxes.

In my free time, I enjoy fishing with my friends and spending time with my family.