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Mary Anne Girard
I am running for Borough Mayor to fully engage with borough residents on issues that matter to them. I will work to promote the transparency, accessibility and accountability of our local government in conjunction with the borough council. As a resident of the borough  for most of my life, I care deeply about its future.

Mohammed Haque
Mohammed is running for the office of Hatfield Borough Tax Collector.

Jason Ferguson
Jason is an incumbent who is running for reelection as Borough Council at Large

Jimmy Fagan
Jimmy Fagan Jr is campaining to enhance the Borough of Hatfield through honest, transparent leadership. Advocating for the working families of Hatfield by keeping our streets clean, safe, and open to new opportunities.

Rich Girard
As a resident of the Borough for more than 37 years I am running to help advance the Borough into the future while maintaining our roots to the past. With input from citizens of the Borough my goals are to increase the communication and involvement between the Borough’s government and it's residents, help maintain and improve the borough’s infrastructure and maintain and improve the cost structure of the Borough’s expenses while providing an increased level of services to it's citizens.

They say there is no such thing as an honest politician but as your candidate for borough council I will tell you that while I cannot honestly solve all the problems in our town for various reasons, I will do my best to solve the ones I have direct control over along with my fellow candidates.